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Pangaea Golf Architecture brings a comprehensive suite of services tailored specifically for the golf industry. From golf and landscape architecture to master planning, environmental consultancy, and construction project management, we offer a holistic approach to realising world-class golf courses that harmonise with their surroundings. We offer both traditional contract and design-build turnkey solutions.

Sketch by Stuart Rennie of Pangaea Golf Architecture

Our Mission

As Pangaea Golf Architecture, our mission is simple yet profound:

‘One World - Better Together’

Sketch and photo montage by Jeffrey Danner of Pangaea Golf Architecture


We envision Pangaea Golf Architecture as a beacon of excellence in the golf industry, crafting exceptional, sustainable, and economically viable golf experiences that leave a lasting impression. Design-Build-Collaborate.

Founding Partners

JEFFREY DANNER - American Director

Jeffrey Danner's career in Golf Course Architecture has taken him around the world working on projects in over 30 countries. Before co-founding Pangaea Golf Architecture in 2023, Jeff practiced with respected firms like Richardson | Danner Golf Course Architects and Greg Norman Golf Course Design. He also had previous roles at distinguished companies like Golfplan and Lohmann Golf Designs.

Jeffrey holds a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana/Champaign, which included an Independent Study focused on Sustainable Golf Course Architecture. He also completed his Post Graduate Diploma in Golf Course Architecture from the European Institute of Golf Course Architects (EIGCA). During his time in Europe, Jeff studied some of the best golf courses in the British Isles.

Jeffrey is one of only four Golf Course Architects globally who hold dual membership in the American Society of Golf Course Architects (ASGCA) and the European Institute of Golf Course Architects (EIGCA). He is also a licensed Professional Landscape Architect (PLA) in California, Arizona, and Florida. He is also a member of the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA).

Additionally, Jeffrey remains dedicated to mentoring aspiring Golf Course Architects at various levels and contributes to the ASGCA's Education Committee and the EIGCA's Sustainability Committee.

Throughout his remarkable journey, Jeffrey's love for golf continues to drive him towards mastery on the course.

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Jeffrey Danner, ASGCA, EIGCA, PLA, ASLA, Golf Course Architect

Founding Partners

STUART RENNIE - European Director

Stuart started his career as a Landscape Architect, during this time he carried out specialist studied to become a qualified Golf Course Architect. Stuart has a wide range of experience working on projects globally. Working for two of the UK’s leading multi-disciplinary practices has seen Stuart gain experience on large environmental infrastructure projects as well as large scale master planning projects, down to small scale urban design and public realm schemes.

Before co-founding Pangaea Golf Architecture in 2023, Stuart had been running his own successful golf design practice in Scotland for over 12 years. Prior to this further experience was gained working for Peter Thomson’s Golf Architecture offices in both Melbourne and London. Stuart has a broad range of valuable experience both in the office and project managing golf construction projects on site.

Stuart holds a Masters with honours degree in Landscape Architecture from Edinburgh College of Art and a Post Graduate Diploma in Golf Course Architecture with distinction from the European Institute of Golf Course Architects. Stuart received the Toro Sponsored student award for his post graduate efforts at the World Golf Forum in 2010.

Stuart is a member of the European Institute of Golf Course Architects, a member of the Scottish Association of Golf Course Architects and an Accredited Verifier for the Golf Environment Organisations On-course certification eco label.

Stuart has held a single figure handicap for well over 20 years and holds memberships at both Royal Dornochand Royal Troon. He is very grateful and fortunate to have played golf and studied courses worldwide.

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Stuart Rennie, EIGCA, Golf Course Architect


Expert Golf Course Architects

Founded in 2023 PANGAEA golf architecture is a world-leading golf consultancy practice. Our strategic Scottish-American partnership is a product of over 16 years of friendship and a shared belief in the power of golf to unite people across the globe. Our aspiration extends beyond the ordinary. We envision Pangaea Golf Architecture as a beacon of excellence in the golf industry, crafting exceptional, sustainable, and economically viable golf experiences that leave a lasting impression. We aim to selectively work with the best and collaborate with those who share our passion –existing golf clubs, developers, landowners, tour professionals, fellow golf architects, and more.


The driving force behind Pangaea Golf Architecture is a dynamic duo. Stuart Rennie and Jeffrey Danner, both alums of the European Institute of Golf Course Architect Post Graduate program, bring an unmatched blend of expertise and creativity to every project. Drawing from a rich background working on diverse projects worldwide for firms that include Golfplan, Greg Norman, Peter Thomson, Ross Perret, and Tim Lobb, we are poised to lead the evolution of golf course design.

Jeffrey Danner's global and diverse experience and Rennie's over 12 years of successful leadership at Rennie Design Ltd. have paved the way for our Scottish-American fusion. The melding of our backgrounds under the Pangaea Golf Architecture banner encapsulates a spirit of unity and innovation, a testament to what is possible through collaboration.

PANGAEA is the future of golf architecture, we aspire to use our professional experience, network, ability and dedication to be the best.

Sketch by Stuart Rennie of Pangaea Golf Architecture


Golf Course & Landscape Architecture

We pride ourselves on being able to provide high quality design services for our clients from inception to completion whether that be renovation, restoration, redesign and new build projects globally.


Understanding the relationship between golf, the wider landscape and environmental context is an important part of the master planning process. Our involvement from the early stage of site selection will allow for the most sensible landuses to be identified forming more environmentally sustainable, resilient and economically robust solution.

Environmental Consultancy

Providing knowledge and understanding of how golf and the environment can coexist plays major part in golf projects. Environmental stewardship is key to successful projects where ecological and landscape design principles can be implemented to protect or enhance habitat and biodiversity. Stuart is an Accredited Verifier for The Golf Environment On-course Certification Eco-label which mirrors many of our environmental design philosophies.

Construction Project Management

We have supervised and delivered numerous golf course development projects and strongly believe that site work is extremely important, helping realise the design to its full potential. Whether that is following a contractual drawing or working in the field shaping with machinery or using a trusty hand shovel or
rake, we can do it all.

Green Detail by Jeffrey Danner of Pangaea Golf Architecture



Drawings, specifications and bills of quantities are important pieces of work, we can produce very detailed technical information and apply whatever level of detail is required for any given project. A comprehensive contract package allows for a detailed understanding of cost. Ideally, during construction, we like to have as much site presence as possible and where applicable we are keen to have Pangaea representatives and trusted shapers on site to help us execute the project and the attention to detail. Building the right team to execute a project and supervising throughout is our key to success.


We aspire to work with others and collaborate where possible, we can offer a broad range of additional resource to like minded architects who wish to work with us. We can provide drawing package assistance, construction
project management or site architect assistance and would love to be part of your collaborative team. Our broad network allows us to bring on-board trusted specialists as and when required such as irrigation engineers or agronomists.

Respecting History

Having studied many historical architects and been lucky to have worked on courses by Old Tom Morris, James Braid, Willie Park Jr. and Harry Colt, we also aspire to work with clubs where Donald Ross, CB Macdonald, Seth Raynor, Mackenzie, to name but a few, once worked. As experts in our field, at existing courses we study original routings, analyse history, propose robust solutions, commit and deliver.


Excavator Golf Course Links Sustainable Pangaea courtesy Stuart Rennie

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