Sketchbook Post

Feb 26, 2024By Jeffrey Danner
Jeffrey Danner

Perspective sketching was never my strength entering University. Like many, I needed more confidence in my sketching abilities. It is something I had to work very hard at. During my time with Golfplan, I enjoyed learning from one of the best, Terry Storm. He always emphasized that you must love it to be good, and every pencil stroke meant something; sometimes, less is better. He also encouraged keeping yourself within a toolkit that made the creative process more manageable. In other words, avoid fancy sketch pencils, varied lead weights, etc. Instead, master a single tool that is easy to find wherever you are. Find an easily accessible tool and stick to it. The person who can master a No. 2 pencil on notebook paper will come out ahead of everyone else. I still like a Medium wash 4b "lead" on double-sided matte mylar, for now.